The life brigade of Zierikzee-Duiveland was founded on March 3rd 1970 to help bring the number of deaths by drowning down. This is still the first objective of the brigade and to obtain this goal, the brigade provides a wide range of activities for its members and the public.

These activities include:
- Swimming lessons and lifeguard training,
- Various courses for specific tasks, such as instructor courses for the navigation of the lifeboats,
- Lifeguards present at the beach at Ouwerkerk,
- Lifeguards present at various events in and around the water,
- Providing demonstrations and information,
- Available to give aid to local and national government in case of water catastrophes.

All activities are provided by professionally trained volunteers. The life brigade of Zierikzee-Duiveland is part of The KNBRD Reddingsbrigades Nederland (Royal Dutch Water Life Saving Association), the overall organization of 182 life brigades throughout the Netherlands with more than 50.000 volunteers. The brigade largely depends on donations and sponsoring and the contribution of its members as well as financial support from the local government.